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What does real-time search mean for SEO services?

Some critics suggest that real-time search values quantity over quality but using it in tandem with pay per click and search engine optimisation can still yield positive results, it has been claimed. Writing on Search Engine Watch, Kevin Gibbons said that real-time content is undoubtedly on the increase in search results, with Google, Bing and…

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Behaviourally-targeted internet marketing services ‘boost conversions’

Online marketing messages informed by a user’s browser history or search queries are more than twice as effective as standard network ads in terms of triggering purchases, according to a new study. The report, conducted for the Network Advertising Initiative by economist and former Bureau of Consumer Protection director at the US Federal Trade Commission…

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Twitter can “spice up” search engine marketing

With Twitter entries popping up more and more in search results, marketers should ensure they are harnessing the power of the tweet, it has been claimed. Kelly Gillease of Viator told Search Engine Land that in order to maximise the search engine optimisation benefits of Twitter, companies should ensure that their account’s name matches their…

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Google Search Funnels aims to boost PPC marketing

Google has introduced a new feature for its AdWords service that it claims will give marketers the "full picture" of how consumers interact with their ads during the shopping process. Search Funnels are a set of eight reports covering different aspects of a pay per click marketing campaign. Previously, AdWords conversions were only attributed to…

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Yahoo!-Microsoft pact ‘a much-needed boost for search engine marketing’

An agreement that will see Microsoft’s Bing power search on Yahoo! sites is a welcome development for advertisers "crying out" for a credible challenger to Google’s crown, according to one expert. John Newton, head of digital marketing at ClickThrough Marketing, said that while there may be some short-term disruption as the companies "get their houses…

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Is Google gonna kill your traffic stats – should you panic?

A short Google blog post on Google Analytics has announced the development of a global browser plug in to OPT OUT of user data being fed to and tracked by Google Analytics. This has sent a few shudders running down the spines of website owners and agencies with clients who rely on analytics to produce…

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