Landing hard on the heels of SXSW, one could wonder what exactly Color was doing in not being at “the” event. But the investors must know otherwise.

Is it just social interactivity via photos, or something more?

Right now, it seems hard to say exactly, and as a rural user of such apps, I doubt I personally will get the benefits seen for urban users in densely populated areas. Same as Foursquare etc, for the vast majority of users outside of the cities.

But, no, hang on two ticks….

We see that magic word “elastic” appearing. Elastic computing started to appear more frequently last year, and whilst it still hasn’t moved into the space that ‘cloud computing’ has taken up, it looks to be heading that way now as more companies advance their programming to be ‘elastic’.

Color’s substantial start-up funding reflects the enormity and complexity of the task before them in delivering their concepts to the world. Each photo that is included in Color’s database has a substantial amount of data behind it. We have moved beyond on the fly recording of aperture and light settings to Bluetooth, neighbours in the vicinity also uploading photos, social network contacts (on multiple levels), plus further data that is undoubtedly copyright and patent pending.

However, possibly one of the interesting concepts of Color and elasticity is the “dying of” with relationships that comes from non-interaction. No more friending and being a friend on a static level. For brands, this type of interactivity could become interesting….how serious is one of your ‘followers’ even after the odd poke or two to re-invigorate their interest?

What this misses though is that if I buy a washing machine, I may not need to even think about a washing machine again for 4-5 years, or more. Ditto with long lost friends. Just because I haven’t seen someone for a decade does not mean that when we catch up, online, offline, by phone, through a FOAF contact or similar, we may just pick up the thread where we left it, 10 years earlier.

Assuming that non-contact implies non-interest may be a mistake that purely data driven Color has missed by failing to take into account human psychology etc.

We’d be very interested to hear from anyone using Color from the Android and iTunes app stores. Especially anyone who can see a commercial benefit.

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