A recent survey, carried out by TNS, has suggested that users of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, aren’t interested in the social media marketing campaigns carried out by big brands, according to an article published by the Guardian.

Despite the increasing number of campaigns implemented by big brands – such as Tesco, Burberry and Pepsi – on social media, around 61 per cent of Internet users in the United Kingdom stated that they had no interest in engaging with them.

Results for other regions varied slightly but with the same sentiment remaining; 45 per cent of the respondents from Latin American countries and a further 57 per cent from other developed nations also stated that they didn’t want to be bothered by big brands.

The Digital Life study also found that 60 per cent of respondents from the United Kingdom disagreed with the statement that social media sites were a good place to learn more about brands.

In the fast-growing markets – including Nigeria and India – around 59 per cent of respondents felt that social networks were good for learning about both new products and companies.

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