Spreecast has just launched and is a social networking video tool. Whilst Google+ hangouts have become increasingly popular (including with the Muppets!), and Ustream, Bambuser, Livestream and so on allow you to stream your video live, Spreecast adds in the social element that has been missing from Livestream etc, and the record and broadcast side that is missing from Google + Hangouts.

The application is simple to use, and allows up to 4 people to appear on screen at any time, with a chat facility beneath for the audience to further contribute to the conversation. The opportunities that this type of application provides are probably infinite, and from the success of audio apps for broadcasters, such as Blogtalkradio, it is likely that the video versions of such apps will skyrocket.

However, we should think of this not simply as a marketing tool eg creating content to share with website visitors, but also to consider how tools such as this can be used within the company to enhance internal communications. For instance, if a meeting is held between four of the people within a team, the entire conversation can be shared with the rest of the team, the company or, where appropriate, with the world at a later date.

Spreecasts can be public or private, as well as live and/or archived. You can also pre-schedule a spreecast and invite specific people to join. This takes webinars and phonecasting, for instance, up to a whole new level and allows dialogue and interaction to take place.

From a content creation point of view, there is now no need to meet up in real life in order to gather together your top experts on a particular subject to share information with your customers. And once made and archived, you can make the content available through your website, Twitter, Facebook and so on, reaching a wide audience from a single event.

The simplicity of the toolbox, plus the functionality being offered, make this a sweet solution for those wishing to get into broadcasting, video production, as well as video conferencing. The addition of the social media marketing options such as Twitter and Facebook mean that you can share a Spreecast very easily to your followers or to those who you may wish to get involved in a discussion whilst it is ongoing.

There will be more on Spreecast shortly and hopefully this blog will shortly have some examples from the Clickthrough team with thoughts on Spreecast and goings on in the Internet Marketing world this week. This is a new app but the plans for the future as discussed at 35mins in this Spreecast mean it is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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