Google have given YouTube a makeover, offering a new layout to make finding content an easier task.

At the moment this is not live, but if you want to give it a go, it’s very simple.

Go to and click Ctrl, shift and J (Chrome) or Ctrl, Shift, K (Firefox) to open the developer tools.
Click on Console.
Then type in the following (you may need to clear the error log first)

Reload the site and you get the new layout.

New layout for Youtube

In other words, YouTube has become far more personal and is encouraging you to subscribe to channels to keep up with content you may enjoy more than the content from categories that Google shows by default currently.

For businesses, it is now even more important to create video content and to have a channel which your customers and audience can subscribe to. Regularly adding new content will drive your viewers back through their own personal subscriptions page, giving you an additional mechanism for reaching potential fans, friends, followers etc.

Encourage those who watch your videos to like, recommend and share your content, and don’t make it all a one way street. When people subscribe to your channel, check out theirs. You never know what gems you may find and there are always opportunities for comments and dialogue that will help to improve the view that YouTube (and hence Google) has concerning your content and activity.

We shall be looking at Google’s ‘new’ algorithm this week and video is just one part of it.

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