Many businesses operate some kind of presence on a social media platform – such as Facebook or Twitter. In order to get the most out of having a social media presence, pages and accounts must be correctly optimised.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Eli Goodman and BrightEdge Technologies have created a list featuring three social SEO practices that could improve the ranking of social media pages.

Here are those aforementioned practices in a summarised form:

Provide a link on your homepage: Although extremely obvious, six out of the top 20 most searched retail brands don’t have any kind of social media integrated into their homepage. Take advantage of your brand by linking the two together; Goodman pledges that it will have an “immediate impact.”

Mention the brand name in posts: Whether on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, be sure to mention your products and brand name in posts. URLs matching search terms having an SEO advantage – social posts are exactly the same.

The power of likes: Follows, Likes and +1’s are all having an increasing impact on rankings, with search engines seeing them as a sign of trust. By gaining a greater popularity on social networking sites, you could be improving your ranking at the same time.

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