A platform popular for search engine marketing initiatives, Google has been named the most visited website in 2011, according to a study cited in an article published by BBC News.

Market researcher Nielsen’s latest figures have shown that the search engine giant received 153 million unique visits each month.

Based on a collection of data gathered between January and October, Facebook was found to be the second most visited site – with just over 137.5 million visitors per month.

Yahoo rounded out the top three with around 130 million unique visitors per month.

Analysts have warned that Yahoo could see its visits drop significantly if younger users continue to move away from using web-based email.

A recent Comscore study found that younger users of the Internet were gradually moving away from using emails to communicate.

Ian Maude from Enders Analysis, referencing the Comscore study, said: “Yahoo’s basic problem is that people are no longer looking for an all-you-can-eat service and instead want best-in-breed.

“For Social networks that is Facebook, for search it’s Google,” he added.

“Email is a front door to Yahoo and if people are no longer using their service it will affect them more broadly. If Comscore’s data is an early indicator of a growing trend they have a major problem.”

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