Since its launch back in February 2004, Facebook has seen unprecedented levels of growth – becoming the most popular social networking site in the world, with 800 million users.

According to an article published in the NY Daily News, Facebook has grown to such a level that, in some countries, half the population are registered to use the site.

In a blog post, market analyst firm Pingdom revealed: “Facebook currently has more than 800 million active users. With a world population having just passed the 7 billion barrier, that would mean that around 11 per cent of people on Earth are on Facebook.”

By comparing regional Facebook user figures with the actual population of select countries, Pingdom have calculated how popular Facebook is within those nations.

The figures show that almost 70 per cent of the population of Cyprus, 53 per cent of Hong Kong and 52 per cent of Chile are actively using Facebook.

The list also featured Singapore, Norway, Denmark (51 per cent) and the US (50 per cent); meanwhile around 49 per cent of the population in the UK are registered for the social network – figures that will prove interesting reading for social media marketing professionals.

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