In any PPC marketing campaign it is important to ensure that your adverts are tested and optimised on a regular basis – according to Search Engine Watch, Bryan Eisenberg once stated that “successful companies run at least 30 tests a month.”

Not all companies will be able to run this many tests each month, but Noran El-Shinnawy has pinpointed six elements that you can focus on testing without a great investment of time.

Here are just a few of the elements she suggested:

Element 1 – Strong Headlines – Usually the first element of a PPC advert that a searcher sees, the headline needs to be strong enough to draw them in.

El-Shinnawy provides an example of a recent test; she writes: “In one recent test, the same exact body and URL of an ad remained the same, but the headline changed from “Does your CTR Suck?” to “Your CTR Sucks.” The result? A 52 per cent increase in click-through rate.”

The example shows that just by making a statement – rather than asking a question – click-through rates can be improved upon.

Element 2 – Include Keywords when Necessary – El-Shinnawy states that Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) can be great when creating PPC adverts, however it shouldn’t be abused.

She writes: “Mirroring keywords in your ads creates a tighter and more relevant search experience and increases your chances of winning more clicks.”

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