Adverts for Facebook are now running  on social game development site Sponsored stories are also being displayed on the site.

Zynga has developed many games and applications for the social networking site, such as Farmville – now, according to Inside Facebook, there is speculation that the foundations for a Facebook ad network are being laid.

In an email sent to ClickZ, a spokesperson for Facebook confirmed that ads and sponsored stories will be seen on, but at the same time stopped short of revealing any further details. The spokesperson stated: “We don’t share any information about people or advertisers with Zynga and advertisers do not have any new targeting criteria.”

Those expecting Facebook – a site popular in social media marketing – to eventually create an ad network have suggested that it will allow advertisers to use the data gathered via Facebook’s share buttons, as well as any interactions carried out on the site itself, to tailor and target adverts across the Internet.

However, it is unknown whether any such venture will come to fruition.

ClickZ has suggested that it is more likely that Facebook adverts will appear on sites that allow users to sign-in using Facebook in the near future.

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