Google’s Conversion Optimizer uses account histories and a target cost set by the advertiser to serve ads where they have the best chance of bringing in customers, yet it remains something of a forgotten feature for many marketers, it has been claimed.

Writing on Search Engine Watch, Melissa Mackey said that the application, which is part of the pay per click marketing service AdWords, is a "great concept" for direct marketers using paid ads.

One of the keys to successfully using Conversion Optimizer is feeding its algorithm with enough data. As a minimum, it requires around 15 conversions a month, she noted.

The service generally provides the biggest benefits in cases where search volumes are much higher than an advertiser’s maximum budget, as by targeting messages at the queries most likely to convert, companies get more conversions per impression, Ms Mackey added.

With enough data, it can also help marketers to meet their target cost per action (CPA) without "a lot of hands-on bid management".

According to Google, Conversion Optimizer users typically achieve a 21 per cent increase in conversions and an average reduction in CPA costs of 14 per cent.

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