Google has introduced a new feature for its AdWords service that it claims will give marketers the "full picture" of how consumers interact with their ads during the shopping process.

Search Funnels are a set of eight reports covering different aspects of a pay per click marketing campaign.

Previously, AdWords conversions were only attributed to the last ad a person clicked before a conversion, but the new feature includes data on assisted conversions, first and last clicks and path length to provide "a more complete picture" of the value of keywords, ad groups and campaigns.

Google’s Miles Johnson wrote on the Inside AdWords blog that in addition to showing phrases that led to an actual conversion, Search Funnels show keywords that resulted in ads being clicked with no purchase being made, as well as ads that were displayed but not clicked.

"Search Funnels also show the path length, or average number of clicks and impressions prior to conversion, which can help you understand and target repeat visitors," he noted.

In related news, Google recently extended its click-to-call phone numbers features for AdWords users targeting mobile devices with web browsers to national advertisers.

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