Product feeds are a source of data for a website, shopping comparison portals and search ads and should be seen not as a "geeky issue for IT" but as a way of finding "untapped opportunities" to sell, according to one expert.

John Greer told Search Engine Watch that in terms of search engine optimisation, a product feed can be used to discover new goods to optimise, or a source of keywords for building page titles and meta descriptions.

They can also boost pay per click (PPC) marketing by allowing ad teams to create, update or remove product-specific ads as a company’s inventory changes.

"Your team may even be able to feed newly optimised data back into your system, improving your on-site search and product pages," Mr Greer noted.

He added that product feeds are just one area that could provide useful information for search and PPC marketing, as many sites will also be able to harness databases on subjects such as store locations with similar results.

In related news, Aaron Wall told Search Engine Land that analysing Google results can provider marketers with a quick and easy way of analysing the keywords that customers are searching for, that their competitors are optimising for and that Google itself likes.

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