Yahoo! has answered a number of advertisers’ queries about changes that will occur once its Search Alliance with Microsoft is up and running.

The deal, which will see Yahoo!’s algorithmic and pay per click services integrated into Microsoft’s adCenter service, was given the green light by US and European competition regulators in February.

On the Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog, one advertiser asked if there will still be two separate platforms within adCenter for managing separate campaigns for the two different search engines.

The company said that all Yahoo! Sponsored Search will be "decommissioned" once Search Alliance is established and marketers are expected to be given "distribution controls" that will allow them to select traffic from Bing and Yahoo!’s combined marketplace or their full affiliate network.

However, those running pay per click campaigns will not be able to select traffic from only one of the search engines.

Elsewhere, Yahoo! said that the two companies will jointly review "discrepancies" in the editorial policies, such as Yahoo! Search recognising single and plural words as the same while Bing does not.

All Microsoft and Yahoo! search advertising customers are expected to have been transferred to the new Search Alliance platform by early 2012.

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