One of the great ways of getting link juice and promoting your website is to find blogs and forums and comment on the posts, discussions and articles. For maximum effect, you need to post on blogs with a high page rank, and with dofollow tags, but just posting can bring you targeted traffic from those who read the blog and comments.

Obviously, for this, your comments need to be valuable, not just “Great post” or “I agree” or the moderator of the forum or blog will probably just delete it!

Blogsearch from Google is useful for finding blogs that have recent posts, and there are a variety of search terms that can be used within the search engines to track down blogs and forums etc. eg inurl:forum, inurl:chat, intitle:bulletin etc.

However, finding blogs with a decent PR, recent posts, and preferably dofollow comments can be quite a time-consuming process. We have trialled the free version of FastBlogFinder and have now purchased the full version and can recommend it wholeheartedly.

It makes it a doddle to find blogs with a high Page PR as well as site PR, as well as indicating which are nofollow or dofollow. It does occasionally throw up old posts rather than the latest post on a blog but it’s just a matter of looking for a recent post to comment upon. The search facility is pretty sophisticated offering all the usual Boolean terms, plus a few others, which are listed on a cheat sheet in the tutorials, and make it easy to find sites on specific domains, find synonyms for your keyword search, with a certain number of comments or more, and so on.

This is definitely a useful resource for anyone looking to find blogs to help increase backlinks to the site. Try Fast Blog Finder for free today.

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