A new Twitter app, Twply, has this week brought to the forefront of many people’s minds the idiocy of sharing passwords etc with third party apps. You can see here in the comments on sharing your Twitter log in details how many people feel about wanting to extend their Twitterverse and use new apps (+ve), but are desperately concerned about the insecurity of the API behind Twitter that forces developers to request this (-ve).

Whether you are already involved in social media marketing or not, you are likely to become so if you want to stay on the ball. Stories such as this, at the beginning of the year, should be bookmarked as a salutory reminder of how little your personal data could end up being worth during this year.

The sort of implied loss in the comments would be sickening, especially if you have spent a fortune on building your brand and making connections on Twitter or similar, which you then lose, or are destroyed because your ID is lost/stolen.

Lesson 1: register several different accounts so you can always get back on to the social network of choice.

Lesson 2: Back up your contacts, emails etc onto removable media such as CD, DVD and keep at least 2 copies somewhere safe outside of your own premises. (As I write this, many Google apps are apparently not working tonight, which for all those who have vital docs, blogs and so on held within Google apps could have severe consequences if it continues into the first working week of the year. Imagine a worst case scenario where this was to continue through an unprecedented Denial of Service attack or similar).

Lesson 3: Trust no-one. And definitely not with what is rightfully yours.

Lesson 4: No business is secure. Not yours, not Google, not anyone. If your data is vital to your survival, keep it close.

Lesson 5: The latest shiny new tool may be rusty by the morning. Scrutinise everything and make considered decisions about what you use. Missing out on a sign up today may keep you in business tomorrow.

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