No, we have not suddenly succumbed to the joys of spring, nor misspelling, nor entered the realms of posting along the lines of much of the spam you probably receive! This is about how to go viral, big style viral, by thinking out of the box.

Just over 2 weeks ago, a link to a video clip entered my inbox. Within less than 5 mins of receiving it, I had sent it to around 40 people, telling them this was a ‘must see’. At that point, only a few thousand people had watched it and it had been on Youtube for only a few hours. I didn’t forward it just to encourage people to avoid work. It is actually a great example of how to get into the minds of thousands, if not millions, of people, and how to go viral. Many of the recipients I sent it to were internet marketing folk, and I also stuck it on Facebook for my 400+ friends.

All of the people who were sent the link by email came back with positive comments. (Apart from one, who is also an artist who I knew had planned to do this years ago and had never got round to it. He responded through Facebook, and the “banging head on wall for missing a trick” was almost tangible!)

Surprisingly, the mainstream media eg Sky, BBC et al, didn’t catch up with this till the last few days, by which time some 3 million or so people had been on Youtube and seen it. Mainly, one suspects through word of mouse on social networks. If you aren’t one of them, then you should join the 6.5million folk who have seen it so far, thanks to the need for mainstream TV and media to have those little end of the news type items that distract us from the grim and miserable reality of war, famine, recession and so on.


The lessons in this clip are 1) get out of the box and out of the office, and do something that you dreamt up over a pint or two and 2) put it on Youtube or somewhere equally as easy to find and 3) make it slightly edgy, funny and/or controversial. (You only need to read the comments about whether or not this is photoshopped to see that in itself the photoshop argument has led even more people to the clip).

Oh, and 4) associate a brand name with it. The vast majority of people who have seen this clip are more than likely aware that Samsung may or may not be involved in its creation!

Success rating for virality: 8/10 guys, well done but yahboo sucks to the mainstream media for being so slow in finding it. Cost of production: debatable but viral videos don’t need to be expensive. Ease of replication: 7/10. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Lego and Christmas lights out and go for it to promote your brand or company.

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