There are many well-known bookmarking sites, and all are useful in bringing links to your site to the attention of a wider audience, as well as improving backlinks etc.

Twittley is a new application based on the Twitter API and is a social bookmarking tool, similar to Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc. However, there is one difference between Twittley and most of the other social bookmark sites – when you vote on a link, it is automatically tweeted to your twitter account and shared with your followers.  Also, your Twittley karma is affected by how many followers you have, so the more popular or active you are on Twitter, the more chance you have of your link being seen on Twittley, and voted on which then gets tweeted to the voter’s followers.

Whether you do use Twitter a lot or a little, this is yet another useful place to submit links. The best links to submit are deeplinks within your site, thereby driving traffic to new and unique content that may not have been spidered, but which could be relevant to a wider audience if only they knew it was there…..!

Give it a go today and watch your stats. Early impressions are that Twittley brings traffic in a steady flow, and it may well be that as the app develops and more people hear of it, this becomes a very useful tool in your SEO toolkit.

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