Only a week or so ago, we referred to Seth’s Poisoning the Well post. This latest health scare has seen the scummy amongst the internet marketing world leap on the bandwagon, offering free reports on how to beat the crisis, videos, white papers, boxed DVD sets, seminars, unconferences, you name it.

Never mind how potentially serious the situation could be, some are only out to line their own pockets.

Whilst everyone claims that it is FREE info, and proclaims how their buddy/colleague/mentor really should be charging for it, it takes less than 1 sec for the BS sniffer to kick in and say, “That’s not free.” If you have to share your email address, or complete a form of any description, then that is not free. Unless you can opt out of that process if you choose.

If you are thinking of offering free content, then do so. But if what you want is to achieve an hidden agenda such as creating a mailing list and then mailbombing people for ever more, or offering it free as long as you buy xyz report, ebook, software, course etc, then go back and read Seth Godin’s post.

Free means free. No strings.

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