In the olde days of marketing, it was very much a broadcast mechanism for getting your brand and product names in front of the masses. Whether TV, in print, or as direct mail through the door, the message was very much one way. The only interaction was if the consumer then went to buy your product.

We are seeing a sea change in how marketers need to work as consumers get online, and start to interact with brands and with advertising messages. It is no longer any good to just put a banner ad up on a site and expect it to work. Consumers have become prosumers, and want to be pro-active. Marketers also need to be pro-active and engage with the consumers in a two way dialogue to ensure that the marketing works.

Consumers want not just to hear marketing messages any more. They want to be heard too. They want to have their say. For instance, videos which allow comments are far more likely to be successful and go viral than those which endeavour to be one way, and which worry about the odd negative message outweighing the positive. Sites which allow reviews, comments, discussion about products, as well as going beyond the norm to give extra, additional, useful information about products are those which are winning market share.

Marketers using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and other social media tools are finding that the dialogue with the consumers works. Because if you don’t use these tools, the rapidly increasing numbers of online shoppers will just go elsewhere that does.

Get into interactive marketing, before all of your competitors do.

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