Ah, now here is just the thing for self-publicists everywhere. (oh yes, and agencies looking to create a buzz in the press about their clients).

If you haven’t heard of HARO yet, you soon will, so check it out today.

For me, it started in a Linkedin Discussion about paid for press releases versus the leads which HARO generates. I had fallen over mention of HARO not that long ago on Facebook so it peeked my interest. After all, if there are more cost-effective ways of reaching the media for clients, why wouldn’t it?! And Peter Shankman is not an unknown either as his blog keeps cropping up as recommended reading in various circles.

To put it simply, HARO is an email list that allows journos looking for stories to find those with the buzz, the craik, the low down, the info. It is currently very US/North America-centric, but there is no reason why someone, somewhere won’t set up a HARO-UK, HARO-EU or HARO-IN very shortly. (Hint, hint!)

You can follow Peter Shankman on twitter @skydiver and keep up with discussions about HARO vs trad press release distribution mechanisms on the Innovative marketing LinkedIn group.

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