For some people, creating new content is a struggle. It really needn’t be. There is fresh content to inspire you all over the Web. However, you should always create unique content, rather than copying someone else’s work. Internet marketing, whether it is SEO, SEM, PPC, Web PR, all relies on informative, keyword rich content to work properly.

Use the resources below to find exciting content to get your creative juices flowing in no time.

Squidoo – so many people maintain their lenses (or mini websites) regularly, and there are thousands of people who follow specific lenses and encourage the authors to post more often. Look for the top ranked lenses on your keyword, or most recently updated.

Delicious – is one of the many social bookmarking sites and offers a wide variety of search mechanisms which will open up thousands of new sites for you to investigate for inspiration. Others include Digg and Stumbleupon – feel free to add more in your comment below.

Twitter – it’s really quite staggering how many Tweets are now sent each day, and the search feature is becoming ever more useful for finding latest news for particular niches.  When it is working, that is!

Alltop – is a funky news site (but be warned: you can get lost in here easily, so use the eggtimer to prevent that!)

That should keep your pen busy scribbling on the paper for a while with all the news and views that are available.

Which sites help you to develop new content, write blog posts, or just get into heated debates with colleagues?! Let us know.

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