Marketers looking to consolidate a number of AdWords campaigns into one account have been offered some tips on making the move.

Writing on Search Engine Watch, Joseph Kerschbaum said that when bringing different pay per click marketing campaigns together, it is crucial that long-term performance is not adversely affected.

While it is normal to experience some immediate "turbulence" in terms of lower impressions, clicks and conversions, accounts should start to pick up again after a few days of adjustment.

One of the best ways to minimise disruption is to move campaigns slowly, rather than all at the same time.

Thorough analysis of each individual account should also be conducted beforehand, so that weak elements such as underperforming keywords can be dropped, thus ensuring that only the best elements are kept.

"If you have a pretty solid campaign structure and move your campaign, it should gain back its performance traction quickly," Mr Kerschbaum noted.

In related news, Melissa Mackey of Search Engine Watch recently said that AdWords’ new interest-based ads could expand the scope of pay per click marketing, as unlike existing systems, it offers greater cost control and can easily exclude underperforming sites.

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