Those working in the web marketing industry need to "actively engage" with their customers over the internet, according to

It is suggested by the portal that marketers search forums and blogs to get an idea of what their market audience is talking about.

While on such platforms, those in the industry are advised to use the opportunity to respond to any feedback, highlighting the fact that they are representatives of the company in question.

In further advice to web marketers, the site states: "Respond to criticisms patiently. Help the customer achieve resolution. Don’t be afraid to issue a refund to the customer if the complaint can’t be resolved."

Marketers are told that debates such as this will always take place, so it is good to get involved in the discussions as there may be some influence that can be wielded.

Another tool for web marketers is search engine optimisation, which can prove successful if companies find "the hottest" market keywords, according to Promotion World.

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