Website design may be an important issue, but one expert has noted that it is how it is being used that counts.

In an article for online recruitment specialists, managing director James Saunders states that the industry is quick to award sites for their style and design but adds that the most important for a business is making the most of its online presence.

Mr Saunders suggests that although "design, originality, usability, visual appeal, technical achievement, clever visual elements and so on" are valuable, the first rule of creating a site is making it return on your investment – which can be improved with search engine optimisation.

"What this demonstrates is that the web as a medium is still figuring out its standards. And yet, for business leaders there should surely be one overriding concern. ‘How much money does my website generate?’" he states.

He concludes that businesses need to concern themselves with levels of traffic, engagement with visitors and the cost effectiveness of the site.

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