There are a number of things internet marketers can do to improve their techniques, including the use of automation, a manager has suggested.

Stating that automation has been "critical" to the growth of online marketing over the past year, FeedForAll RSS software marketing manager Sharon Housley stated that it is important to expand the development to increase productivity and cut costs in 2008.

In addition, she said web marketers should make an effort to utilise RSS feeds, syndication and Web 2.0 in particular, as they will likely have even more to offer during the upcoming 12 months.

She asserted that video tutorials are sure to be another technique used by marketers in the near-term – as they can take advantage of sites such as YouTube to develop a wider customer base – and that consumers may also be attracted to provide user-generated content of their own, which could help to drive sales.

Today Promotion World has also offered a new suggestion for online marketers, claiming they may have more chance of success in the long-term if they use an autoresponder address to manage email campaigns.

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