Websites looking to increase their web presence by selling links in blog comments deserved to get dropped from Google, according to one expert and blogger.

Responding to comments by Danny Sullivan’s blog on Search Engine Land, Loren Baker editor of Search Engine Journal, said that launching meaningless link directories on pages tucked away on the internet are reaping what they sew when being rejected by Google.

"If you’re going to buy links, buy links from sites that are relevant to your content matter and do not use the same anchor text or generic anchor text across the campaign," he said.

He added that selling links was fine as long as online marketers were making sure they weren’t being sold short with links to unrelated, irrelevant sites.

"If you break this rule, Google will nail you. Maybe not today, maybe not with this update, but they will nail you," he concludes.

According to Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan’s original article, entitled Official: Selling Paid Links Can Hurt Your Page Rank or Rankings on Google, has generated a great deal of online debate in the search engine optimisation community.

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