The number of people using online marketing websites that offer keyword-rich content is becoming a cause for concern, according to an article featured in the Guardian today.

According to the newspaper a growing number of word farms are currently being utilised on the web by non-professional people looking to claw their way up the search engine rankings and create links to online advertising campaigns such as Google’s AdSense.

Richard Clayton, a security researcher at Cambridge University, tells the newspaper that some companies are generating mass volumes of content that are being used only as a means to get search engine users to the adverts themselves.

Websites taking part in this are referred to as made for AdSense (MFA) and exist specifically to create advertising hits without any value being applied to the content which they provide.

The Guardian states that the concern in the industry is that these sites are blurring the line between search engine optimisation techniques and keyword specific advertising content that has no real value.

A number of sites that aim to blacklist such advertising have begun to appear on the web and address the issue of what is MFA and what is genuine content. This is an issue that according to Paul Moore of is causing confusion.

However Mr Clayton states that many sites are easy to identify due to their incoherent content that can be generated by computers or can often be simply lists of keywords strung together.

Ben Edelman, an expert in spyware affiliate networks, states that it is the search engines themselves that should be doing more to make sure that MFA sites are put out of business as he states the online world would be a much better place without them.

Earlier this month Search Engine Roundtable cited one user at WebmasterWorld who claimed that one way to tackle MFAs would be to make available a feature for AdSense users that determines earnings-per-click levels.

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