Domain name registrar Network Solutions has entered into the business of search engine optimisation, according to pages from its site.

Network Solutions now offer search engine optimisation packages from between $1,800 (£898) and $5,800 (£2,893) inclusive of between ten and 50 keywords.

The page cites an iPropsect study from 2006 that found that 62 per cent of searchers select results from the top ten returned searches. Network Solutions claim that they will offer money back to customers from their top three packages who do not receive top ten status.

The company also announced that they had received authorised Google AdWords reseller status earlier this month.

Jeff Zimmerman, vice president of online marketing for Network Solutions, said this would make the company one of only a small number of AdWords resellers in the US.

"Being named an authorised Google AdWords reseller places us into a select group who receive training which increases our proficiency as pay-per-click search analysts," he said.

He added that this would make the company more "capable of successfully selecting and managing keyword campaigns".

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