Online gaming sites are the unlikely place internet marketers should look to target the over-45 female market, it has been suggested.

According to BizReport, sites offering celebrity news and online shopping may traditionally have been where internet marketing would most likely target the female baby boomer market, but a new study has shown this is no longer the case.

Citing recent research from Dynamic Logic, it is reported that in comparison to younger women, those over 45 are "more likely to respond to consumer product ads featured on gaming sites".

The research also noted that brand favourability was higher in this section of society and a statement issued by Dynamic Logic suggests that internet marketers should be aware of this.

"[If] advertisers are intent on moving bottom-funnel metrics among this demographic, they should strongly consider placing their ad campaigns on gaming sites," the statement said.

The baby boomer market was found to be the fastest-growing sector concerned with health and fitness in another recent study, according to

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