Online reviews can help improve search engine optimisation for a number of different firms, a report suggests.

According to USA Today, if consumers give positive reviews on a number of online review sites, then search engine optimisation can be improved.

And as a result, a number of firms are looking to increase the number of positive online reviews that appear on the internet so that search engine results pages show their businesses at the top of the rankings.

With certain searches for shops and businesses resulting in a list of local firms, companies are fighting to get into these listings, the news provider claims.

"This is the most privileged position on the internet. It’s a big, prominent placement. If you are there, you benefit and if you are not, you don’t," analyst Greg Sterling told the paper.

But firms should not be too pushy when searching for positive reviews, as negative feedback can be damaging, the paper claims.

In related news, a recent blog for Blue Collar SEO noted that search engine optimisation follows a set of simple rules and if these are followed, rankings can generally be improved.

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