Marketers can use website copy in a number of ways to boost click-throughs from search engine results to the site, as well as from the initial visit to a sale.

This is according to copywriting expert Karon Thackston, who wrote in an article for the American Chronicle that increasing click-throughs via copy can encompass page titles and descriptions, content on the actual landing page and specific product and service information.

Beginning with page titles and descriptions, she pointed out that search engines refer to these in results pages, meaning that they could have a significant effect on whether searchers click through to the site or not.

This ties in with a recent blog post by Google offering insight into how the search engine updates its search interface, with the company revealing that it has made changes to search result snippets such as the addition of dates and the inclusion of titles where no text for this has been made available by the site.

The expert also noted that as these snippets on search listing pages do not include any form of graphics and do not allow for changes to typography, the focus is very much on the words themselves to attract website visitors.

Ms Thackston went on to advise those seeing few click-throughs from search listings pages to rework their title and description text until it yields the desired result.

Moving onto the home and landing pages of a website, she urged marketers to ensure that the copy on these parts of the site help to direct visitors to the information, product or service that they were originally searching for.

Including information on special offers such as free postage on entry pages can also do much to encourage visitors to click through to other sections of the website, Ms Thackston remarked.

Ensuring the content matches the page title and description viewed on search results pages is essential, as is testing changes to the copy to see what brings higher conversions, she added. Finally, the pages for specific products and services should make use of more descriptive keywords and detailed information on each item.

And according to Graham Charlton of E-consultancy, balancing the need for enough product information with the usability benefits of uncluttered websites can help to improve the performance of landing pages.

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