Actually, this post is not about food, weight loss or retail therapy. It is about how to make your customers buy from you when they visit your website. It is about creating a Call to Action that parts them from their cash.

Many internet marketers are very good at parting you from your money, using a variety of ‘sales techniques’ that work in subtle but effective ways. You too can adopt these practices on your website and encourage your visitors to travel down the path you wish them to.

The first tactic to learn is how to play on the emotions. When writing good copy for a website sales page, you need to start with the pain points of your visitor. What are the problems that they are facing which have led them to your page? If necessary, lay it on with a trowel just how bad their life is with the problem they currently have.

Anyone with a problem is essentially vulnerable and by showing them just how clearly you understand their problem, you begin to have a rapport with them. Or so they think!

Then, you begin to tell them just how fantastic your product is in solving that problem for them. How it will change their life entirely. Even if 5 minutes ago, they had no idea their problem was quite as bad as they have now realised, all of a sudden they will begin to see the benefits of owning your product to improve their life. It may well be that they have stumbled across your page whilst looking for something entirely different, but if your writing is good,  by now they will be aware that they do indeed suffer from this problem, and that your product may be their only salvation.

You have triggered their ‘desire’ for the product, and we are now into ‘I want one of those’ territory. This is the time when the purchase decision has not yet been made, but it is close.

Ah, the crux of the problem they now face is suddenly revealed. You have a sale on. But only until midnight tonight. So, if they don’t buy it now, then when they want it even more badly tomorrow, the price will have doubled, quadrupled, or gone up by 10. The bargain hunter part of their character leaps to the fore.

Worse, you tell them there are a limited number of these products, the offer is never to be repeated and that if they buy it right now, you will throw in 101 unmissable freebies as a favour.

The click to buy button fills the screen, and the reminder that the sale ends at midnight, this is a one time offer, exclusive extras are available etc etc is in bold and red and


There is simply no way round it, they must have this solution to the problem. It is what they have always been looking for. How could they not realise before that the lack of this item has been causing all of their life, everything they have ever tried, to fail. And it says there is a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked so what is there to lose?

Kerching. You just made a sale!

Try it and see. Once you overcome how you feel about doing this to people – after all, it is tantamount to retail torture – you will discover that pretty much everywhere you look in the world of commerce, the very same games are being played by companies far larger than you, on all of us, in every aspect of our every day lives.

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