A blog has outlined the ways that website content can let down a company.

A blog has said website content must be unique in order to succeed in the search engine optimisation and internet marketing sector.

Written by Gerry McGovern, as part of his website, the post goes on to say that high quality content is "at the heart of all great websites".

The blog then goes on to add taking your old intranet content and "mitigating it" into a new software system is additionally doomed to failure.

Mr McGovern then goes on to list the four main reasons why websites are not successful, noting in the first point that unsuccessful companies "allow the organisation to publish puff, fluff and vanity", adding the needs of customers and staff is more important.

He adds in the second point that search engine optimisation can only function with a trained person on board, noting a failed company would say: "We don’t hire web content professionals. Instead we find the most junior person in the department and give them the job of managing the website."

The blog adds that copying print content onto the web, as well as failing to review and quality control, can all contribute towards lack of success.

In other news, CA has released Internet Security Suite Plus 2009.

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