An SEOmoz blogger has said he would "rarely ever recommend" footer links to be used for search engine optimisation.

Website user randfish gives five reasons for the method not proving to be successful, mentioning footer links may be automatically "devalued" by search engines, citing Yahoo!’s comments made as an example.

The blogger goes on to highlight the internet marketing technique is often not the first link on the page to a website’s address, that they often get a very low clickthrough rate, can use up invaluable time in creation and "often take a page beyond a healthy link total".

As a result, randfish recommends not "overstuffing" keywords in anchor text, organising and making relevant links and to follow design principals to "make your footers look good and function well for users".

Earlier this month, Google launched SearchWiki, which included the ability for users to add, delete, re-sort or comment on results.

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