Google’s occasional changes to the way in which its search engine works are made with the user in mind.

This is according to Google vice-president Marissa Mayer, who told BusinessWeek in an interview that the search engine "is fuelled by user choice".

When asked how the company copes with unhappiness on the part of advertisers whenever it changes the search engine to favour regular users, she said that focusing on making users happy is more likely to result in more ad clicks.

"Our commitment is to make sure the ad services we offer improve our products and don’t erode the user experience," Ms Mayer stated.

She went on to note that an experiment she ran when she was an engineer found that users who saw no ads from pay per click services at all searched significantly less than those who did.

The comments came after Google expanded AdSense for domains to all US publishers.

Users can display AdSense ads on undeveloped domains through the offering, thus generating revenue even while the website itself is still under development.

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