Businesses hoping to harness internet marketing to position themselves as a leader within their industry may want to focus their efforts on their company website.

According to Becky Sheetz-Runkle of the Tech Marketing Examiner, websites offer numerous advantages over blogs thanks to the fact that they are well able to cope with a variety of content.

This can include press releases, whitepapers, general news articles and more – content which could also aid lead generation efforts.

"If creating a powerful differentiator is important in your industry and your business, then these credibility assets need to appear prominently on your site," she stated.

Blogs are not as well-placed to host such content as websites, Ms Sheetz-Runkle added, going on to note that blogs can have a place on a company site, however.

According to Forrester Research, corporate blogs are the least trusted information sources by consumers, with email from friends, consumer reviews and search engines being the most trusted.

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