Companies looking to launch internet marketing campaigns aimed at female audiences may be interested in the findings of a new study by researchers at Southern Illinois University.

It reveals that women prefer to use websites that are easy to use and easy to navigate – something that is not as important to their male counterparts, Website Optimization reports.

Meanwhile, men place more emphasis on download speed than female web users.

The researchers suggest that the way in which men and women use the internet can explain the gender differences.

For example, women tend to use the web to develop relationships, while men tend to use it to gather information.

Companies may wish to take note of these findings when choosing where to place their internet marketing ads or when designing their own websites, depending on which audiences they are trying to reach.

A new report from comScore has also identified some key differences in the types of websites visited most often by mobile internet users.

It revealed that while younger consumers prefer to visit social networking sites, their older counterparts prefer websites offering banking service and weather and traffic information.

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