Companies investing in pay per click services may be interested to hear that Google has modified its AdWords trademark policy, allowing users to bid on trademarked keywords in more countries.

According to Barry Schwartz, news editor at Search Engine Land, another 190 countries will be brought in line with the trademark policy that already exists in the UK, the US, Canada and Ireland.

In a post on the site, he said be was tipped off to the news by BrandVerity and subsequently contacted Google for a comment.

The search engine confirmed that, as of June 4th this year, Google will no longer look into complaints about the use of trademarked terms by online marketers.

"This means that in the affected regions, a company advertising on Google will be able to select trademarked terms as keywords and a user searching with a trademarked keyword may see a greater number of relevant ads in the sponsored links section, giving them greater choice," it stated.

Research carried out recently by Guava and Econsultancy revealed that 45 per cent of companies plan to spend more on pay per click marketing this year.

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