I have just received an email from a company seeking advice about an SEO company who have been in touch. This SEO company shall remain nameless, but are typical of the many companies who believe they can set themselves up in the SEO business, and proceed to scam small businesses.

This company claims: …. we are the UK’s main authorised resellers for Google’s listings….

Ahem! Interesting claim to make, and so easily disproven!

For an example of their expertise, you are instructed to check out their website and look to see what position they have on Google. As any vaguely experienced SEO or internet user will know, this is a very simple process, and it only takes a couple of minutes to discover that they cannot spell, that their site is built in Flash ( a big no-no), and that they have no backlinks to their site, let alone decent keyword placings on any useful terms to speak of.

They even give you a ‘call to search’ phrase to show off their listings under that phrase. That’ll be zero, nada, zilch, not a single one, then.

The email then goes on to claim that “…. we in partnership with Google have developed a brand new “keyphrase” listings tool.” Really? Fascinating that such an exciting tool, which you would think they would want to announce to all and sundry, doesn’t bring up a single listing for their company on the search engines. Nor is it mentioned on their website.

Ok, next claim….

“I can confirm to you today that we will ensure your business remains on the first page of Google for a full 30 days on a non contractual basis.” And then they go on to say it will be listed on Google’s front page for specific geo-terms within 48 hours.

Well, I can confirm that for the particular business in question, it will be on the front page of Google for those terms, for free, in about 5minutes from now, simply by adding the county to the address details in the footer of the site. And there it will stay, as there is little to no competition for the particular keyword /phrase choices suggested by our SEO ‘experts’ – no surprise there, then.

It is so dispiriting that small businesses receive this type of email constantly,  and without advice on whether the offers are genuine are not, frequently fall for this type of proposal.

Worse still is the existence of this type of company, who target small businesses who know little or nothing about search engine marketing, and offer to remove £100+ from our  very valuable small business sector for a supposedly valuable service that would cost the SME literally pennies, if that, to do themselves.

If YOU want a front page listing on Google, please just put your contact details on every page of the site, make sure you have plenty of good keywords included in all the right places, and watch your business get front page referrals from your Google Map listings for a whole host of your keywords + a geofactor eg plumber + town name or postcode or county etc.

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