A number of the chief executive officers (CEOs) in Fortune’s top 100 CEOs list are failing to make the most of social networking to market their companies and brands effectively, new research shows.

UberCEO found that Twitter is the least used social media platform among Fortune 100 CEOs, despite it currently enjoying continued growth.

Besides this, few of the CEOs were making the most of internet marketing services through their own public blogs or through appearing to be linked with online communities.

"In our opinion, the top CEOs appear to be disconnected from the way their own customers are communicating," said UberCEO.

"They’re giving the impression that they’re disconnected, disengaged and disinterested," it added.

Reasons behind such separation with social networking platforms could be time constraints, fear or lack of knowledge, the website claimed.

However, if CEOs do have a presence on social media platforms, they should be sure to effectively manage their positions, the site noted separately, as fake postings may go some way to ruining reputations.

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