A new set of guidelines has been launched by an industry body in order to promote better relationships between merchants and publishers.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB’s) Affiliate Marketing Council (AMC) has set forth an ethical merchant charter, designed to provide advice and assistance for merchants on how best to communicate with their affiliate partners.

A number of issues are addressed in the charter, including deduplication, recommended notice periods, guidance on whom to work with and greater transparency regarding deletion of sales.

Matt Bailey, chair of the IAB AMC and head of affiliates at i-level, remarked upon the importance of maintaining good relationships within the affiliate industry and said transparency was essential for this.

He added that the charter would "give publishers increased knowledge and confidence when working with merchants" and "increase the knowledge of merchants by outlining to them that they need to treat publishers as partners".

The IAB recently released an updated version of its best practice guidelines for internet marketing using video, in order to make business procedures easier and more engaging for online audiences.

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