The online auction house eBay has developed a new model that is designed to give high-ranking affiliates a better payout.

Its new programme, Quality Click Pricing, is part of a plan to reward affiliates that also involves a simplification of the commission structure and an increase in the quality of traffic that passes through the affiliate system into the marketplace.

Steve Hartman, senior director of eBay’s internet marketing department, commented on the importance of affiliates to the company, stating they emphasised the brand’s large inventory and good value to potential customers.

“This is why we built eBay Partner Network and why we’ve continued to invest in its technology and infrastructure with things like Quality Click Pricing,” he was quoted by netimperative as saying.

Quality Click Pricing will offer rewards based on value of traffic sent to the site.

In a recent pay per click marketing case, Yahoo won a dispute against Heartbrand Beef that stated the company should not have allowed a keyword associated with it to bring up an ad for a rival.

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