Television and the web complement each other well and online marketers could benefit from using the two together in their advertising strategies, an industry expert has suggested.

Tess Alps, chief executive at Thinkbox, emphasised the relationship between the internet and TV at this month’s Westminster Media Forum Keynote Seminar: The Future of Advertising, observing that online brands such as Compare the Meerkat are seeing great success via the medium of television.

"People concurrently watching TV and being online makes television a point of sale medium," she said, adding that those involved in online PR are only just beginning to understand the effects of TV on web traffic.

Miss Alps went on to remark that advertising budgets can be directed increasingly towards television, as there is more free media via the web.

Other topics addressed at the conference, which took place at the Royal Society in London, were new and emerging technologies, viral marketing, behavioural targeting and other techniques including social networking, sponsorship and product placement.

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