Global internet marketing strategies designed to target countries with different languages should be regularly developed, one expert has suggested.

Discussing multilingual search engine optimisation (MSEO) for the E-Commerce Times, Orad Elkayam said that "an ongoing effort" is required when it comes to researching keywords for this, a process that is more difficult and complicated than coming up with regular search term lists.

He indicated that businesses need to be aware not only of language differences, but also variations in culture and which search engines people are most likely to use.

Localisation is also an important issue to factor in and should not be looked on as separate from SEO strategy.

"It is crucial to understand that SEO is one of the keys to making a multilingual site successful and it goes hand-in-hand with the website translation and localisation process," he remarked.

Ron Jones wrote on Search Engine Watch last month that MSEO plays a key role in the effective implementation of global internet marketing strategies.

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