Tools to help marketers improve their website’s conversion rates have been put forward by an industry expert.

Writing on the Econsultancy blog, Shane Quigley recommended that those involved in online marketing services consider using the Attention Wizard, which offers an insight into user interaction on webpages.

"This is inexpensive and requires no extra hardware," he explained.

Furthermore, using a programme such as clicktale takes eye tracking one step further by videoing surfer sessions, which can then be filtered according to various specifications, helping businesses direct attention to information critical to its success.

And Google’s Website Optimiser allows companies to try out different calls to action, while safeguarding current conversion rates by denoting a percentage of traffic down the trial routes.

Mr Quigley added that this service is good for a few reasons, including the fact that it is free, "does a great job and is very reliable".

Earlier this month, Chris Lake of Econsultancy recommended that marketers concentrate on unique selling points to drive profits and increase conversions.

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