Ensuring search marketing campaigns achieve "scope" in their keywords is essential if brands want to maximise their potential customers, according to one expert.

In a "best of" post for Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog, the company’s listing editor said that keywords can be like a shopping list – just having ‘tea’ can be fine, but if there are myriad varieties available, it can be confusing.

Similarly, terms used in online marketing services should attempt to address the broad, like ‘tea’, as well as the niche, for example ‘green tea’, to ensure they avoid any befuddlement for potential consumers and get as many prospective buyers as possible to their site.

"Skip the narrow keywords and you risk turning off users who already know what they need. Leave out the broad keywords and you’ll lose the shoppers who haven’t quite decided what they want just yet," Mr Kingston noted.

He added that the scope for niche terms is almost limitless, as it can encompass brand names, specific model numbers or even slang terms for different products.

Unbiased.co.uk chief executive Karen Barrett recently said that keywords should terms that consumers would use, rather than generic industry phrases.

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