Seth Godin has recently posted twice on the subject of the “middle of the market”. His first post Fast In, Fast Out obviously started a train of thought and triggered the second about The Paradox of the Middle of the Market.

Whilst Seth is mainly talking about product development and then marketing that to the masses, the same applies to internet marketing. For instance, keywords and optimisation.

When seeking keywords and optimising your website or campaigns, do you aim for the words that will appeal to the masses or do you actively seek out the cutting edge, trending words that will capture the interest (however short lived that may be) of the early adopters, geeks and nerds?

Or, do you look to the long tail? The stragglers who have taken a long time to convince that your product or service is precisely what they need may well turn into your long life sales. Although there are less people both at the forefront of adoption and in the long tail, the competition is highest in the middle of the market for those in the know, whereas being the first to market or the longest standing player with a ‘durable’ product/service has its benefits and less competition.

When developing your keyword list (or any other internet marketing strategy) it is important to think about the ‘marathon effect’ and endeavour to reach as many of the ‘runners’ as possible. There are a few front runners who are in the lead and inspire those behind them in the central main body of runners, leading to a long tail of those who are still in the race, just as determined to have taken part but slower to reach the finish.

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