Google has announced the global rollout of a new keyword tool that was recently beta tested in the UK and Canada.

The broad match modifier aims to improve the reach of pay per click marketing terms compared to phrase match, while offering more control than broad match.

To use the new tool, advertisers need to add a plus symbol in front of one or more words in their existing broad match phrases.

Each of these terms has to appear in a user’s search either exactly or as a close variant, which could include misspellings, stemmings like floor and flooring, abbreviations and singular and plural forms.

Related searches and synonyms are not classed as close variants, Google noted.

Dan Freidman of the Inside AdWords blog said it is important to remember that replacing existing broad match terms with modified versions will probably result in a significant decline in clickthrough and conversion rates without directly improving Quality Scores.

Advertisers should therefore use the new terms alongside their current campaign keywords and adjust bids accordingly to achieve their target return on investment.

In other news, AdWords has confirmed that its new Billings tab, which aims to improve the flexibility of its payments process, will be rolled out to all advertisers over the next few months.

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