Pay Per Click Marketing - Tips and TricksBack in March 2010, search funnels were added to Google Adwords. For many, the conversion data available up to now has been deemed sufficient, but Google have appreciated the fact that whilst a conversion may seem to have come through a specific product or service ad, the truth is that consumers have entered a site and then followed a different trail to full conversion. Until now, this has not been tracked.

Search funnels allow you to understand the entry points as well as conversion and exit points, giving businesses a real chance to follow users through a thought-purchase process. Additionally, it gives further drop-out data for any business utilising the option, which can help to adjust adverts, landing pages, conversion text, e-commerce pages, and contact processes, according to the data supplied by previous users.

More importantly, from a marketers’ point of view, search funnels will show data from previous user searches eg assist clicks and impressions, that have led the visitor (occasionally unknowingly) back to your site through different search terms, keywords and phrases, including days or weeks later.

This technology will also permit you to track ineffective keywords and phrases that are under-performing and therefore give you the option to remove these from your ad campaigns, or to give preference to higher performing terms.

We are likely to see further developments on this type of technology during the next 12 months, and for pay per click agencies keen to push Google AdWords accounts to the max, this is one place you should experiment.

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